Blues Hall of Fame 2014

•Big Jay McNeely - Known as "The Wild Man of the Saxophone", McNeely was the ultimate "honker" in the era of Honkers and Shouters in the 50's. He topped the R&B charts in 1949 with The Deacon's Hop and hit the top ten again in 1959 with There is Something On Your Mind (vocals by Little Sonny Warner).
•Eddie Shaw - Saxophonist who played with Little Milton, Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf before striking out as a solo artist in the 80's.
•Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson - Vinson started his career in jazz as an alto saxophonist before moving to R&B as a musician and blues shouter. He had his first hit in 1945 with Cootie Williams on Somebody's Gotta Go (1945 / #1 R&B) and scored three top ten solo R&B singles, Old Maid Boogie (1947 / #1), Kidney Stew Blues (1947 / #5) and Somebody Done Stole My Cherry Red (1949 / #5).
•R.L. Burnside - Brunside first recorded in the late-60's but wouldn't find mainstream success until he was signed by Fat Possum Records in the 90's. His music became popular among those of college age and with alt-rock bands who sampled his songs.
•Robert Pete Williams - The singer and guitarist was first discovered while serving time at the Louisiana State Penitentiary by Folklorist Harry Oster who noted the oddities in Williams' style. He went on to be a fixture at 70's blues and folk festivals with songs like Pardon Denied Again and I've Grown So Ugly.

Outside of the five artists, the Blues Hall of Fame also inducts non-performing individuals, recordings (albums and tracks) and books. This years inductees:

•Non-Performing Individuals

◦Dick Shurman - Producer for Albert Collins, Johnny Winter, Magic Slim, Charlie Musselwhite, Roy Buchanan, Rory Block and others.
◦Don Robey - Founder of Peacock Records, owner of Duke Records, Buffalo Booking Agency and Lion Music Publishing.
◦Mike Kappus - Founder of the Rosebud Agency and manager for John Lee Hooker, Robert Cray, John Hammond, J.J. Cale, Trombone Shorty and others.

•Classic of Blues Recording - Single or Album Track

◦After Hours - Erskine Hawkins and His Orchestra (1940)
◦Catfish Blues - Robert Petway (1941)
◦High Water Everywhere (Parts I and II) - Charley Patton (1930)
◦It's Tight Like That - Tampa Red & Georgia Tom (1928)
◦Milk Cow Blues - Kokomo Arnold (1934)

•Classic of Blues Recording - Album

◦Hawk Squat - J.B. Hutto (1969)
◦Moanin' in the Moonlight - Howlin' Wolf (1959)
•Classic of Blues Literature
◦Dream Boogie: The Triumph of Sam Cooke - Peter Guralnick (2005)/ Of note is that this is the fourth book written by Guralnick to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The induction ceremony will be held Wednesday, May 7, at the Sheraton Memphis Downtown in Memphis, Tennessee, the night before the 35th Blues Music Awards.


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