Tragedy on Gregg Allman Biopic

Tragedy hit the set of the Gregg Allman biopic, Midnight Rider, when a train unexpectedly arrived on a bridge where they were shooting.

According to reports, the production company had worked with CSX, the operator of the train, on schedules and had planned to shoot a dream sequence for the film during a time when no trains were supposed to be on the tracks in Doctortown, GA. A third, unplanned, train appeared and left less than one minute for the crew to clear the set.

A female camera assistant was killed by the train while seven other crew members were injured, one seriously enough to require a mercy flight to a local hospital, when they were hit by debris. Director Randall Miller was saved by a crew member when he fell on the tracks while trying to get everyone to safety.

CSX released the following statement on the incident:

CSX is deeply saddened by a tragedy that occurred late today on a CSX rail bridge in Doctortown, Ga. and is cooperating fully with authorities as they investigate. Initial reports indicate that at least three people were injured, one fatally. CSX personnel are working with first responders to meet the needs of those injured. A train was en route from Memphis to Savannah when the incident occurred.

Midnight Rider follows Allman's story at two points in his life with Tyson Ritter as the young Allman and William Hurt playing the singer/songwriter later in life. Other stars of the film include Zoey Deutch, Eliza Dushku, Bradley Whitford, Kathy Baker and Charles S. Dutton.


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