26 ноября


Hi again,


It's winter season here in the north eastern corner of the United States, and snow is on the way. It's also our Thanksgiving holiday here, when we show our gratitude for all of our blessings. On behalf of the band I hope the season shows you plenty for which to be thankful. Also, our gratitude for you for everything….


First and foremost, the band has a new road manager. His name is Dave Clark, he's a guy that's been a fan of the band for a while, and he is like perfect for the job. His experience includes a stint working with the band Trapper who you might remember as one of those hard working, road tested bands that played all those great clubs all over New England in the

1980s. So if you're at a show and you see someone new who looks like he doesn't have time to talk, make sure you stop him and say hi.


The band has a gig on the Friday the 28th of November at Ironhorse in Northampton, MA. If they're not already sold out and you're hoping to go get on the ball, this is a small venue by comparison and it'll sell out.


The last show of the year is at the Regent Theater in Arlington MA… what Ronnie typically refers to as our home field….. There's a special night planned this year, with vocalist Diane Blue added to the bill. And there will be two saxophonists, Mario Perett and Mark Earley! Okay, here's my poke for you about getting your tickets now for this show…. I was just by there and they've sold 144 so far (as of November 26th). They're going to sell out the first floor for sure, and while they still have seats available on the ends of the aisles they won't last long. So don't procrastinate for too much longer. Okay?


Additional news: The band is back in the studio (January 2015) for yet another recording. And as the band is adding horns and a vocalist for the Regent show I can only surmise that there might be something special in the studio in January, too. But that's only my guess.


Advanced notice on gigs in 2015. Now, before you go getting yourself all tuckered out from holiday partying and New Year's celebrations, take a pen and mark these dates on your calendar for 2015. They'll be here before you know it and you'll be breaking your anti-bad word resolution for not planning ahead.


January 9th 2015: Infinity Hall, Hartford, CT

February 28th 2015: Blue Ocean Music Hall, Salisbury, MA

March 7th 2015: BB King's Times Square, NYC

March 21st 2015 Bullrun Shirley, MA

April 11th 2015 Tampa Bay Blues Festival, St Petersburg, FL



About Diane Blue: (vocal and harmonica) Boston's DIANE BLUE is a soul-stirring vocalist, skillful harmonica player and a crowd-pleasing entertainer. Voted "Outstanding Female Singer" in The Blues Audience 2011 Readers' Poll, Ms. Blue is a soulful and sassy performer with a strong and energetic delivery, serving up her own spin on soul, blues and R&B. She won the 2010 Massachusetts Blues Challenge, earning the honor of competing at the 2011 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. She was nominated "Best Blues/R&B Act" and "Best Female Vocalist" in 2007 by the Providence Phoenix and also nominated "Best Local Blues Act" by Motif Magazine in 2007.  Diane has played harmonica and/or sung with guitarist extraordinaire Ronnie Earl, as well as international performers Luther Guitar Jr. Johnson (former sideman for Muddy Waters), Big Jack Johnson (of Clarksdale, Mississippi) and Irma Thomas (the Soul Queen of New Orleans), among others. Ms. Blue tours in the U.S. and abroad as a featured performer.


About Mario Parrett: (tenor saxophone)Mario Perrett is known as one of Boston's most moving, soulful, blues and R & B saxophonists/vocalists around.  5 years at Berklee College of Music and about 20 plus years on the Boston music scene and touring the has helped shape him into a talented performer you won't want to miss!  Mario's performing career has been a well rounded experience steeped in many styles and experiences. He has played on big stages and small with legends and unknowns all with the same unique style and perspective. He has toured extensively in the US and Europe playing festivals and clubs everywhere entertaining "the people" from Norway to Istanbul to Walla Walla Washington!



The Love Dogs, Peter Wolf, Chris "Stoval Brown, The Rick Russell Band, Mighty Sam McClain, Boston Baked Blues Luther "Guitar" Johnson Jr., Syl Johnson, Katherine Davis, Shirley Lewis, Wilbur & The Dukes, Madeline Hall & The Rhythm Hounds, Little Wolf& The Mojo's, The Mojo Slim Band, Jose Ramos & the Special Blends, Sax Attack, The Wrecking Crew, Billy Davis, Ken Clark & Thang, Mike DeBarry Sextet, Stoptime, Black #9, The Swingin Johnsons, The Booty Band, Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish, Weepin Willie, Frankie Lee, Barbara Kessler, Lonely Gus & The One Night Stands, The Matthew Stubbs Band, Evan Goodrow, Madhouse, The Jerry Velona Band, The Coasters, Jen Kearney, Barrence Whitfield. – and shortly, Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters.


About Mark Earley: (tenor and baritone saxophones) Mark names Sonny Stitt as his main man, with more than a nod to Sonny Rollins and Dexter Gordon leading him to Lester Young and an appreciation for the depth and history of the music. As a longtime fan of Roomful of Blues, and their like respect of the tradition, he has finally arrived home. His tone, ideas, deep bottom and charismatic stage presence further burnish what is already a legendary horn section. Memorable performances include shows with Jay McShann, Albert Collins, Louis Bellson, Joe Williams, Jerry Portnoy, Johnny A., Barrence Whitfield, Lee Konitz, The Coasters, The Temptations, Chuck Findley, Wayne Newton, Jo Ann Castle, Dallas Jazz Orchestra, and the Rudy Scaffidi Orchestra.

Where ever you are, we hope that this year has been good to you, and that next year is even better. Spread love and joy whenever possible, the world needs more love.

Until next time, thanks and Happy Holidays to you wherever you may reside and which ever holidays you celebrate.


Tom Hazeltine

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“Кобылка рокабилли” взялась за блюз? Why not?! Она исполняет его по-своему, и вы найдете здесь, конечно, рокабилли, а также свинг и буги. От этого пластинка становится только любопытнее.

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Альбом-пиратка «I Can’t Loose» (1997) был бестселлером на толкучке, бушевавшей в парке вокруг клуба Горбунова

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