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26 марта 2015


Jimmy Page has been spotted with an apparent new love interest – and she's 46 years younger than Led Zeppelin‘s legendary producer and guitarist.


Scarlett Sabet, 25, is best known for her turn in the 2008 film A Perfect Hideout with Billy Zane. In a twist, Page – who is 71 – has a 44-year-old daughter who is also named Scarlet. He has been married twice before.


"Everyone was quite surprised by this," a friend told the Daily Mail. "The thing about Jimmy, though, is that he won't say a word about his private life. He never has."


Sabet, also a poet, was a drama scholarship student at the UK's exclusive Hurtwood House private school in 2007. Page's second marriage ended the following year. The pair was earlier spotted together at a restaurant in January, and have been linked together as far back as 2013, the Daily Mail also reports. This latest stroll was close to Page's Holland Park home, dubbed the Tower House.


"Jimmy is leading a very conventional life by the looks of things, not very rock ‘n' roll," another friend tells the Sun. "His new girlfriend seems a very normal kind of girl."


Page's sprawling Victorian mansion, purchased from actor Richard Harris in 1972, was recently in the news after a very public disagreement with neighbor Robbie Williams. The pop singer planned to build an enormous expansion next door, but Page successfully argued that his historic dwelling could be damaged during the remodel.




Бет представляет ретроспективу всей карьеры

В случае с проектом “Blues And Boogie» можно сказать: классику чёрного блюза интерпретирует классик американского рока. Звучит диск поразительно свежо и энергично

Новый диск Лопеза - это то, что надо любителям блюз-рока по ту и эту сторону Атлантики. Звук увесист, сочен, и диск, что называется, "качает", свидетельствует известный сетевой обозреватель Роман "The Metal Traveler" Химич

На памяти авторов BN столь парадоксальное присутствие наблюдается впервые за многие годы. Поистине загадочное явление: изданная на 4 cd во Франции в 2010 (по лицензии) коллекция находится среди бестселлеров США!

Green and Blues максимально точно отражает содержание диска. Здесь не только песни и композиции Питера Грина (хотя их большинство), но и другой блюз. Блюз других великих исполнителей, но всё равно всё вращается вокруг британского блюза второй половины 60-х, Fleetwood Mac и John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers

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