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Peter Wolf will release his new solo album, A Cure For Loneliness, on April 8th. It's  Wolf's first LP since 2010's Midnight Souvenirs. It features nine originals along with a bluegrass reworking of the 1980 J. Geils Band hit "Love Stinks" and a handful of covers, including Moe Bandy's "It Was Always So Easy (to Find an Unhappy Woman)" and Thomas Wayne's "Tragedy." "I see this album as a continuation of a body of work that I've been creating for a long, long time," Wolf said in a statement. "Each album is a challenge and every one of them has been a learning experience. I think that they've become more personal and revealing as I've continued. I still feel the way I felt when I started out decades ago — I'm just trying to prevail and continue to grow as an artist … and to keep rolling on with music as a cure for loneliness."

Wolf played a series of shows with the J. Geils Band last year, including a stint opening for Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, but right now they have nothing scheduled. "When we get together, we're together," he says. "When we don't, it's a question mark. One never knows with us. We've never made any statements like, 'This will be the last time' because so many bands say that and wind up staying out there forever. For now, there are no plans for any more shows in the future, but it doesn't mean there won't be. To quote Mr. Dylan, 'Time will tell just who fell and who's been left behind.'"

That doesn't mean Peter Wolf will be staying off the road. He is launching an American tour on April 29th at Infinity Hall in Hartford, Connecticut. The run wraps May 21st at Park West in Chicago.


Группа явно в прекрасной форме, не испытывает недостатка в музыкальных идеях и звучит превосходно!

«Party Of One» - торжество метода Торогуда в иных условиях: в «тихом» сольнике сохранились его необычайная энергия, власть рок-«грува» и вокал, оживляющий наследие Л. Хопкинса, Хукера, Сан Хауса. Он полностью состоит из классики американской народной музыки

Первая акустическая работа. Песни собственного сочинения под гитару и гармошку с добавлением перкуссии и “атмосферных” эффектов. Песни грустные, неспешные, созерцательные

Потрясающий концертный альбом мастера в его лучшей форме

Green and Blues максимально точно отражает содержание диска. Здесь не только песни и композиции Питера Грина (хотя их большинство), но и другой блюз. Блюз других великих исполнителей, но всё равно всё вращается вокруг британского блюза второй половины 60-х, Fleetwood Mac и John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers

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